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Case Study of Child with Autism - 9275 Words

Section 1: Rationale and Strategy I became increasingly interested in Autism since I had the opportunity to work alongside kids with Autism this summer. Seeing how their minds worked and how they processed information was astounding to me. Ever since this experience, I have fallen in love with children with Autism and I am always thriving to learn more about them. With this being said, I am looking to do my research on a child with Autism. I will be looking into the question how does Autism affect language development in children? Under this broad topic I will be specifically looking into why their pragmatic language is impaired. To find my information I will interview my child’s parents. I will do my own observations both in the home†¦show more content†¦It is hard to tell what test was more reliable in this situation for biases and cultural considerations were not taken into effect. However, it is a start. The article states that â€Å"the CCC-2 would be better at identification because the test included items designated to tap a broad range of pragmatic symptoms that are frequently reported as characteristic of ASD†¦.that would not occur in the course of typical development† (Phillips, Volden, 2010, p. 209). This study does prove to have a lot of vital information in regards to pragmatic dysfunctions in children with high functioning ASD. However, it does say that the study was small: â€Å"This study is limited by its small sample size and by restricting participation to those who had structural language scores within typical limits† (Phillips, Volden, 2010, p. 210). With that being said, it would not be reliable to extrapolate the information from this study to schools across the nation. This study only used children that were diagnosed as high functioning ASD. It would be important that other studies be done using children across the spectrum to see if the results were reliable. It would also be important to use other students with Intellectual Disabilities or even students that have been formally diagnosed with a Language Disorder to see how the validity of each test would withstand against these types of children. And although there is a lot that this study could have done f urther toShow MoreRelatedCase Study of a Child with Autism3492 Words   |  14 PagesCASE STUDY PROFILE A. GENERAL PROFILE Jasmine is an 11.8 years old girl. She was born on January 10, 2001 and the eldest of two siblings. In 2008, because of continued concerns with her being â€Å"makulit†, she was brought to Dr. Panlilio, a child neurologist. She was diagnosed with mild epileftiform seizures and was prescribed Keppra 250mg/day. In June 2011, she was brought to another child neurologist, Dr. Lucban for follow up. She was advised to continue medications and take a follow up EEG. SheRead MoreCase Study of a Child with Autism3505 Words   |  15 PagesCASE STUDY PROFILE A. GENERAL PROFILE Jasmine is an 11.8 years old girl. She was born on January 10, 2001 and the eldest of two siblings. In 2008, because of continued concerns with her being â€Å"makulit†, she was brought to Dr. Panlilio, a child neurologist. She was diagnosed with mild epileftiform seizures and was prescribed Keppra 250mg/day. In June 2011, she was brought to another child neurologist, Dr. Lucban for follow up. She was advised to continue medications and take a follow up EEGRead MoreVaccinations : Harmful Or Helpful?1288 Words   |  6 Pagesdeadly diseases. A child who has never received any of the scheduled vaccinations is putting everyone whom they have come in contact with at risk as well. Vaccinations were invented with the intent to help end epidemics of such diseases as polio, measles and mumps. The parents who refuse to vaccinate their children are doing so out of fear that their child may develop autism. There has been unlimited amounts of research performed which show there is no link between vaccinations and autism. ResearchersRead MoreNo Link Between Receiving Vaccines And Developing Asd1572 Words   |  7 PagesVaccines Causing Autism For years there has been a debate as to if vaccines cause autism. There are people who claim their child has become autistic after being vaccinated. For example, Jenny McCarthy is a well-known case. She claims her son became autistic after being vaccinated, says he has seizures and developed symptoms of autism, she quote on quote said: â€Å" if you ask a parent of an autistic child if they want the measles or the autism, we will stand in line for the measles.† Although peopleRead MoreAutism Spectrum Disorder ( Asd )1453 Words   |  6 PagesAutism is known as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and it’s a neurological disorder that affects children at an early age, even at 2 years old. The misconceptions and controversies about the illness have caused a lot of backlash and hate towards the healthcare industry, especially doctors. Over the years, many people have believed and still currently think that vaccinations cause Autism. However, many tests and reports have been a nalyzed and studied through numerous scientists and they have concludedRead MoreAutism Spectrum Disorder ( Asd )1369 Words   |  6 PagesAutism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Introduction I don t think people understand how unique children with Autism are or the demands of caring for a child with Autism is. In order to grasp the effect of this disability has on a child or their family it is important to understand the characteristics of a child living with Autism. So for you to understand I will be talking about Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or Autism in a childs life. I will be talking about what autism is, the history and descriptionRead MoreAutism Is A Fast Growing Disorder1699 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction: Autism is a fast growing disorder in the United States, the symptoms start occurring in between the ages of 2 to 3 years old. The cause of this epidemic has remained unknown, but several hypotheses have been studied. Throughout those couple of years, children get as many as 32 shots at least (â€Å"Child and Adolescent Schedule†). Parents all over the world have came to concern that vaccines can develop autism. Many studies have came about through this year with vaccines causing Autism in childrenRead MoreEssay On Prenatal Inflammation805 Words   |  4 PagesPrenatal Inflammation Linked to Autism Grace Fenton During early pregnancy, maternal inflammation may be related to an increased risk of autism in children. The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences recently did a study on mothers with elevated C-reactive protein. Included in the study were results showing that mothers with CRP levels in the top 20th percentile, were 43 times more likely to have a child with autism. This is an important discovery in that now, scientists can diagnoseRead MoreChildhood Vaccinations And The Dangers1226 Words   |  5 Pagesreleased a study which created a mass uproar in both parents and health professionals alike. Parents were panicked as to whether or not they should have their young child vaccinated (in fear of their acquiring autism), and health professionals fearful that the population percentage of people acquiring measles, mumps, or rubella (for it was the M.M.R. vaccination that the parents feared in particular) would rise to a number which would lead to a mass risk of disease. Desp ite Wakefields’ study, the truthRead MoreAutism Is A Genetic Disorder907 Words   |  4 PagesAlthough autism has spread globally, scientists continue conducting research to identify the precise causes. More specifically, they are zeroing in on genetic mutations, brain chemistry abnormalities, and maternal factors. One possible cause that can lead to autism is genetic mutations. First of all, families studies indicate that children can affected by autism through heredity. It is true that children inherited some characteristics from their parents. This is because a chromosome of a child produced

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Parental Involvement An Examination Of The Correlates Of...

The chosen article in option 5 â€Å" Helicopter parents: An examination of the correlates of over-parenting of college students† researches and discusses the role of over-parenting and parental involvement concerning college students, especially in regards to the implications this has on their experience or potential experience in the workplace and college itself. This research was done by designing an online survey with an interval measurement, which was completed by 482 undergraduate college students of a large public American university. Through this online survey, researchers concluded partial truths in 5 hypotheses. The consensus of these 5 hypotheses included the relationship between parental involvement, over-parenting; and†¦show more content†¦As for its’ contribution to ongoing discussions, this topic is quite important as the media and public in general have been discussing how sheltered the â€Å"Millennials† are, therefore, this research con tributes to this concern. As the researchers expressed â€Å"these findings give credence to media claims about the dangers of helicopter parenting and underscore the need to address potential concerns at college and work through appropriate communication and training.† (P. 325) The impact of this research are the authors’ findings of the numerous correlations concerning over-parenting and their proposals to reduces the probability of issues occurring due to over-parenting or â€Å"helicopter parenting† in the workplace and college. For example, in order to solve this issue in college, the authors suggested that during college visits and orientations, the university officials should guide the parents and potential students regarding what is considered to be appropriate and expected parental involvement. The researchers proposed three general questions within the article. These questions pertained to the demographic characteristics concerning over-parenting and p arental involvement, over-parenting, and parental involvement in relation to the students’ college experience and lastly parental involvement, over-parenting and its relation to students’ responses to workplace scenarios.Show MoreRelatedParental Behavior : Helicopter Parenting1069 Words   |  5 PagesThe term â€Å"helicopter parenting† comes from the parenting style of overparenting. This particular type of parental behavior gives the title to parents who have a tendency to â€Å"hover† over their children in order to protect them from failures, disappointments, harm, and faults. Although these type of parents mean well and think that it’s natural defensive instincts and all out of love, by always watching your children’s lives closely and hovering over them it actually affects them when they enter adulthoodRead MoreThe Effects Of Parental Involvement And Student Academic Achievement Of African American Students1981 Words   |  8 Pages 1 December 2014 Research Paper Draft #2 Introduction The fact that African American students lag several years behind their White peers in math and reading continues to be a persistent problem in America’s public schools – a critical issue that should not be ignored in any meaningful discourse on community, literacy and public schools. The wide body of relevant research reveals many causal factors and correlates including race, socioeconomic standing, social class, teacher competence and perceptionsRead MoreThe American Society Moves Forward Into The Contemporary Era1604 Words   |  7 Pagesadvertisements, explicitly targeting students, are attempting to promote the idea of the American dream in the society, which is the notion of every U.S. citizen having an equal opportunity to achieve wealth, success, and happiness through hard work and perseverance by attending these particular schools. A majority of Americans perceive a college education as the ticket to the American dream (Student Loan Debt). The interpretations portrayed ,from these college advertisements, grants the observerRead MoreThe Effects of Socio-Economic Status on Students Achievements in Biology13494 Words   |  54 Pagesin education at the primary and secondary level which caused differential academic performance of students. In the quest of finding survival feet, the nation has evolved series of socio-economic and educational measures but these have not improved the socio-economic status of families in the country. It’s within this situation that this study examine the correlates of socio-economic status and students achievement in biology in few selected public and private schools in Ifako-ijaye Local governmentRead MoreFactors Affecting the Academic Achievement of Freshmen College Students in Science at Universidad de Manila5828 Words   |  24 PagesAchievement of students in schools has been the concern of school authorities. Several solutions have been offered in order to improve the quality of instruction. Som e of these prove to be effective for some time, but later new innovations are introduced thus sometimes affect the teaching-learning situations in the classrooms. Science subjects are important because this field have greatly benefited mankind in its efforts to improve the quality of life. In view of this, college education playsRead MoreFactors Affecting Motivation to Learn English25117 Words   |  101 PagesSECOND LANGUAGE AMONG CHINESE STUDENTS IN JOHOR BAHRU BY OOI CHOON LEAN MP061113 EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY 581225-07-5846 SUPERVISOR ASSOC PROF DR AZIZI HJ YAHAYA ii ABSTRACT There has been an ongoing debate about the importance of the English language. Employers are lamenting that new graduates these days lack communicative proficiency in English. The purpose of this study is to determine the factors which contribute to English proficiency in Chinese students in Johor Bahru. InvestigatingRead MoreFactors Affecting the Career Choice of Senior High School Students9169 Words   |  37 PagesFACTORS AFFECTING CAREER CHOICE OF STUDENTS IN MABAMA DAMIAN II A. ABAYON THESIS OUTLINE SUBMITTED TO THE FACULTY OF THE SOUTHERN PHILIPPINES AGRI – BUSINESS AND MARINE AND AQUATIC SCHOOL OF TECHNOLOGY, MATTI, DIGOS CITY, IN THE FULFILLMENT OF THE REQUIREMENTS FOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF ARTS IN EDUCATION (Educational Administration) OCTOBER 2012 APPROVAL SHEET This thesis entitled â€Å"FACTORS AFFECTING CAREER CHOICE OF STUDENTS IN MABAMA† prepared and submitted by DAMIAN II A. ABAYON inRead MoreThe Effect of Peer Presure in Education17388 Words   |  70 PagesFACTORS AFFECTING ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE OF UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS AT UGANDA CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY BY KYOSHABA MARTHA BBA (UCU) 2005/HD04/4262U DISSERTATION SUBMITTED TO GRADUATE SCHOOL IN PARTIAL FUFILMENT OF THE REQUIREMENTS FOR THE AWARD OF THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF ARTS IN EDUCATIONAL MANAGEMENT OF MAKERERE UNIVERSITY DECEMBER 2009 DECLARATION I, Martha Kyoshaba, hereby declare that, this dissertation is my original work and has never been presented to any university or institutionRead MoreThe Impact of Motivation on Students Academic Achievement and Learning Outcomes in Mathematics Among Secondary School Students in Nigeria5286 Words   |  22 PagesAchievement and Learning Outcomes in Mathematics among Secondary School Students in Nigeria Adedeji Tella Osun State College of Education, Osun State, NIGERIA Received 10 January 2007; accepted 19 April 2007 In our match towards scientific and technological advancement, we need nothing short of good performance in mathematics at all levels of schooling. In an effort to achieve this, this study investigated the impact of motivation on students’ school academic achievement in mathematics in secondary schoolsRead MorePapoer6763 Words   |  28 PagesReading Comprehension and Verbal Memory †¢ Listening Skills †¢ Vocabulary, including for English Language Learners †¢ Phonological and Phonemic Awareness †¢ Writing and Print Awareness †¢ Impact on Children with Disabilities †¢ Family Involvement The research summarized below provides strong support for including music and musical instruction in the early childhood classroom. Importantly, this recommendation is made not just for the value of the musical experience itself, but also because

How to Write a Paper for College Help!

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Reflective Essay on Module free essay sample

In this module, we were given to make a poster and a formal report. In this way I felt the module evaluates an individual in different ways and on different aspects. By making a poster the creativity of an individual can be evaluated. Poster presentations are becoming common at workplaces and the first assignment helped us have an experience on how to make on. The second assignment was a critical report based on the same article we used for the poster. This assignment helped us improve our critical skills and present it in a formal report structure. Since we had to critique only one report it was quite difficult as there were nothing to compare it to. We only had theories as a base to help us write the critique. Whilst doing research for the report, I came across a learning styles model by Honey and Mumford. The model is given as below. We will write a custom essay sample on Reflective Essay on Module or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Peter Honey and Alan Mumford (1992) connected each stage in this learning cycle with a preferred learning style: Stage 1 Having an experience Activist Stage 2 Reflecting on the experience -Reflector Stage 3? Concluding from the experience -Theorist Stage 4? Acting differently as a result/planning the next steps- Pragmatist As I read about what each part meant I could completely relate myself to the Activist part of the model. I am generally very enthusiastic about things and like to be in power whenever in a group discussion. It gives me a sense of satisfaction. Also when we were given discussions in the Tutorial to undertake I would tend to lead and chair the group. Something that is not is that just as the model suggests even I tend to act and then consider the implications afterwards. This is one attitude of mine that I am trying to hange and adapt to a reflector model where I consider the implications of my actions before acting on them. As it is famously said â€Å"Think twice before you act†. I must inculcate this proverb in my acts of life. Many a times when I introspect on my learning altitudes I also feel that a part of me is the Pragmatist learner. As I mentioned earlier I am always enthusiastic and keen to learn and ex perience new things. I always understand concepts faster which I can relate to practical experiences in the past and apply to my job in future. Just as the theory states even I tend to generally get impatient with lengthy discussions and conversations. From a pragmatist point I want to try to improve my patience level especially in lengthy discussions as often in workplaces lengthy discussions are carried out. Personally when I looked at the theorist attitude I felt I could not fit there but should try to adopt some of its attributes such as trying to be a perfectionist. Applying this concept to my PRS module when I was given the poster to do, I did not think much. I just looked up a few posters and got down to making my poster. It was later that I realized I should have first had discussions with my class mates on how they are approaching the assignment. By then I had already acted like an activist but it was time to become a reflector and overcome my hasty behavior. Hence, before I started critiquing the article with my peers and only then got down to do some relevant reading. Coming back to the first assignment. I quite enjoyed making the poster much more than the report as the poster involved using creativity. While I was writing the report I felt quite dull and boring as a format had very formal approach. This is when I realized that I need to increase my interest for formal writing. Reflecting the Gibbs way I have reached the Analysis stage. To this I concluded that maybe more reading around the topic and reading a few sample reports would have probably helped to do it better along with more interest. For that I have thought I must plan a minimum amount of reading target to be set. And undertake detailed discussions with my class mates on a regular basis apart from the one’s that happen in the tutorials. On a general note, during the module when the topic of report writing was being covered, I had doubts but felt they were too silly to ask the module tutor. Due to this I had numerous difficulties while starting the critical report. I have decided not to fear from people judging me and go ahead and ask the questions to clear my doubts. In fact I did start acting on it and did start questioning tutors and friends. I realized I should have done this much before. The Personal and Research skills module has taught me about researching which gave me a sense of self confidence on something I wasn’t sure I could do. Or rather knew how to do. Before I joined the master’s course I was quite friendly with MS Office. But some of the tutorials and lectures on IT skills helped me enhance my technical skills prezi, a very interesting application was unknown to me. After the lecture I downloaded it and started to see its features. I have always been interested in enhancing my technical skills in any form. Because in today’s tech savvy corporate environment one is considered un-updated if they do not poses skills. Referencing was a very new concept to me. Initially, I just could not get my head around it. One of the PRS lecture taught us how to use ref works. Now, I just do not need to bother with journal articles referencing. Refworks had made it so easy. I have particularly mentioned about Prezi and refworks as these were two highlighting factors that I found in the module, very helpful in making my coursework manageable. As I attended the lectures I felt that the PRS model has been formatted in a way to help students do their coursework and acquire the intellectual and technical skills required to complete the MSC in Human Resource Management at Robert Gordon University. Before I came I had heard that RGU has a high performance demand. I felt this module was designed, to make sure that students meet up to it. The good part of this modules experience is it does actually help you acquire the Personal and Research skills that it aims to. But in my opinion the module was a little insufficient in providing writing skills, especially for international students who are doing this form of studies for the first time. But as I thought of it I felt it is the master level and everything cannot be fed on a spoon to the students. To this thought I felt, I need to put in some more effort from my side maybe through taking help of the study skills help available. I have come to a belief now that at masters teachers are more of a catalyst then an ingredient to our masters degree. On a concluding note, the Personal Research skills module in my opinion is essential for every business related course. Maybe if I had had something like this while doing my degree it would have been more helpful at a master’s level. But whether at a master or at a degree it is an essential model helping an individual to develop ass sorts of skills needed in today’s competitive business environment. References: HONEY, P. and MUMFORD, A. , 1992. The manual of learning styles

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Reasons for Women’s Vanity Essay Example

Reasons for Women’s Vanity Essay Example Reasons for Women’s Vanity Essay Reasons for Women’s Vanity Essay This seems to be the trend nowadays because of the role of women in the professional field which is continuously changing. Efforts to dismantle former barriers to opportunities and old misconceptions based on gender stereotypes give way to more objective and unbiased view of professional women. Yet the adage that women have to work twice as hard and perform twice as better than men in order to be accorded the same recognition and respect still holds true in several occasions.Just recently, academes and professionals alike observed the considerably low number of women relative to men in the areas of sciences and engineering. Studies regarding this disparity have been conducted, theories have been proposed. And in the end, everything is traced back to the old issues that have been plaguing aspiring and ambitious women. These issues emphasize women’s gender as a debilitating attribute not because women are inherently inferior but because the once male-dominated structural systems of education and workplace viewed them as such.Nevertheless, along with the realization of the remaining subtle inequality towards women comes the effort to finally close the gap and hence tap the promising talent and skills that women have to offer in the field of science and engineering. Women Power During Tough Times After World War II, particularly during the 60s and 70s, the women’s movement was revitalized. The National Organization for Women was formed in 1966. This organization fought not just for the equality of men and women in the fields of employment, education and others, but also a national change in gender thinking and gender roles.They lobbied and were successful in enacting laws that prohibited discrimination of any form to women in any field, especially that of education, employment and credit access. This movement coincided with the Afro-American race revolution that advocates the equality among men and women, with no discrimination between races or ethnic origins (Women’s Movement 386; Women’s Rights Movement 109; Feminism and Women’s Studies The Women’s Movement). In addition, the sexual revolution of the 60s fought for women’s reproductive rights.The Pill became available during this time. The Pill, though, wasn’t originally sold to single women, but was only sold to married women. There were issues of safe, accessible, and affordable contraception and women also voiced out these concerns (Dellolio ch 10; Feminism and Women’s Studies The Women’s Movement). In his administration, President Roosevelt created multiple programs to give relief, create jobs, and stimulate economic recovery for the U. S and labeled these programs alphabet soup as well as the New Deal (Gupta and Lee 1996 New Deal Programs).Roosevelt’s New Deal also refers to the first biggest government investment in cultural development (Adams and Goldbard 1986 New Deal Cultural Programs). He introduced this program in the 1930s in the hope of restoring cultural advancement in the country, and at the same time to ease unemployment during the Great Depression. One New Deal Program was the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) that funded environmental conservation work programs for 8,500 women. Many of his programs antagonized laissez faire groups, who believed that the market should freely operate on its own so that they will fully progress, without government intrusions.

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Beverly Cleary Childrens Book Author of Ramona Quimby

Beverly Cleary Children's Book Author of Ramona Quimby Beverly Cleary, who turned 100 years old on April 12, 2016, is the beloved author of 30 childrens books, some published more than 60 years ago, all still in print, along with two autobiographies. She was honored by the Library of Congress in 2000 as a Living Legend and has won numerous awards for her childrens books, including the John Newbery Medal and the National Book Award. Childrens books by Beverly Cleary have delighted children, particularly 8 to 12-year-olds, for several generations. Her humorous, yet realistic, childrens books about the ordinary lives of children, along with such appealing characters as Ramona Quimby and Henry Huggins, have captured the interest of children around the world. Beverly Cleary has written 30-plus books, including three about a feisty mouse. Her books have been translated into more than a dozen languages. In addition, Ramona and Beezus, a movie based on Clearys Ramona Quimby and her older sister, Beatrice Beezus Quimby, was released in 2010. Beverly Cleary and Her Award-Winning Childrens Books Beverly Bunn was born April 12, 1916, in McMinnville, Oregon and spent her early years in Yamhill where her mother started a small library. Thus began the authors lifelong love of books. Her family moved to Portland when Beverly was six years old; she was delighted to find a large public library. Beverly went on to study library science at the University of Washington in Seattle and became a childrens librarian. In 1940, she married Clarence Cleary. Beverly Clearys first book, Henry Huggins was published in 1950 and was inspired by a boy who complained to the librarian that there werent any books about kids like him. It, and the other books about Henry Huggins and his dog Ribsy remain popular today. Her most recent book, Ramonas World, was published in 1999 and features one of her most beloved characters, Ramona Quimby. The first movie based on Clearys Ramona Quimby, Ramona and Beezus, centers on grade schooler Ramonas relationship with her older sister, Beatrice. This relationship is a part of all of the Ramona books, but most particularly in the book Beezus and Ramona. Beverly Cleary has won numerous awards, including the John Newbery Medal for Dear Mr. Henshaw.   Two of her books about Ramona Quimby, Ramona and Her Father and Ramona Quimby, Age 8 were designated Newbery Honor Books. Cleary also received the Laura Ingalls Wilder Award in honor of her contributions to childrens literature. If thats not enough, her books have also won about three dozen statewide childrens choice awards and she won the National Book Award for  Ramona and Her Mother. The Klickitat Street Books of Beverly Cleary When she was a child, Cleary noticed that there didnt seem to be any books about children like the ones who lived in her neighborhood. When Beverly Cleary began writing childrens books, she created her own version of Klickitat Street, a real street near her childhood neighborhood in Portland, Oregon. The children who live on Klickitat Street are based on the children she grew up with. Fourteen of Clearys books are set on Klickitat Street, beginning with her first book, Henry Huggins. While Henry was the focus of the first books, a number of Beverly Clearys books also highlighted Beatrice Beezus Quimby and Beezus little sister, Ramona. In fact, Ramona has been the title character in the last seven of the Klickitat Street books. The most recent Ramona book, Ramonas World, came out in 1999. HarperCollins published a paperback version in 2001. With a fifteen-year break between Ramonas World and the last previous Ramona book, you might be a little apprehensive about a lack of continuity.  But in ​Ramonas World, as in her other books featuring Ramona Quimby, Cleary is right on target as she addresses, in typically humorous fashion, the vicissitudes of the life of Ramona Quimby, now a fourth grader. Beverly Clearys books have remained popular because of characters like Ramona. If your children havent read any of her books, nows the time to introduce them to Clearys books.   They might also enjoy the movie version, Ramona and Beezus.

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Juvenile Delinquency in the USA Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Juvenile Delinquency in the USA - Research Paper Example The author of the paper states that are the expectations of the public that crime instances done by young offenders will continue to increase anyway no matter what actions and prevention methods the public and the society as a whole try to carry out in order to thwart the prevalence of offenses and criminality. These prospects have their foundations on the forecast of the U.S. Census Bureau which projects that the crimes committed by the young, aged 15-17 - the age group responsible for 30 percent of the offenses incurred by the juveniles - will increase 20 percent by this year (2007) (Ferro 2003). What is worse, the Office of Juvenile Justice reported that the juvenile offenders or children in conflict with the law, who have been relocated into the adult criminal justice system, have escalated in number. In addition, near the turn of the previous century, 40 states including the District of Columbia passed legislation, which eased legal constraints in trying juveniles as adults in t heir respective jurisdictions (Griffin et al. 1998). In order for us to understand why this occurrence cause alarm on the public and the on our justice system, we have to fully comprehend the underlying principles with regards trying juvenile offenders in adult courts which employ adult criminal laws and statutes. Likewise, it is necessary to understand the legal principles that govern young offenders and when these juveniles should not be tried as adults. All states in the United States of America including the District of Columbia permit adult criminal prosecution of juveniles under definite conditions. Under the waiver provisions, for instance, decisions of the transfer of the offender from a juvenile institution to an adult court or adult criminal institution is left to the State's juvenile courts, but clearly provides that young offenders may not be prosecuted as adult criminals unless a juvenile court judge has ordered the transfer (Griffin et al. 1998). The provisions vary fr om one another in the extent of flexibility with which the conditions allow the courts. However, under these provisions, a case against a juvenile must at least originate in juvenile court and cannot be directed anywhere else, unless there is a formal approval from juvenile court judge. In the Direct File provisions, the prosecutor determines whether to commence a case against a young offender in juvenile court or in criminal (adult) court. In Statutory Exclusion, criminal courts are bestowed jurisdiction on the classes and levels of cases involving juveniles. Under this provision, a State legislature fundamentally predetermines the question of criminal prosecution and carries out the decision, bypassing the authority of the prosecutor and the court (Roberts 2004 & Griffins 1998). Nevertheless, these provisions are bestowed to juvenile offenders under specific conditions. Most states in the US contend that the prosecution of the young offenders in adult criminal courts is a legislat ive remedy and a response to the growing violent offenses, but surprising numbers of laws in many states in the country authorize criminal trial even for non-violent offenses. Presently, 21 states permit adult prosecution of juveniles charged of offenses related to property as, for instance, arson and burglary while 19 states afforded provisions in their statutes authorizing prosecution of young people in conflict with the law - whose offenses are drug related - in adult court. Forty-six of the 50 states in this country permit issuance of a waiver for a variety of offenses including personal, property, violent and non-violent (Ferro 2003).